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My life has gotten totally weird. I have, on and off all weekend, been IMing with my mom. She IMed me first. I think that's a sign of the apocalypse or something. I'm seriously weirded out. Especially since she *talks* like an IMer skipping works and making me work to understand her (yet she asked me how I made the like :) faces).

In other news, bzzinglikeneon is holding a Fandom Superlatives meme and I totally suggest that everyone check it out.
You can vote and nominate in such categories as "Most Likely To Inspire Badfic" "Most Pointless Death" and "Most Likely to Succeed in World Domination".
The SPNers seem to be have the most presence, lets get some more SGA votes out there!

Here's what I've voted on:
-Most Popular Character Overall Rodney McKay
-Best Hair John Sheppard
-Most Surprising Canon 'Ship Rodney/Jennifer
-Biggest Geek Rodney McKay
-Best Ship - Fanon McShep (of course)
-Most Pointless Death Carson :(
-Most Obviously In The Closet John Sheppard
-Most Useless Character Sam Carter (I mean come on, they killed Wier off to bring her over to do nothing?)
-Most Useless Character Rodney McKay
-Most Likely to Snap and Kill Everyone One Day John Sheppard (come on, he's more than a little crazy sometimes, paradise_city you've got to support me on this one!)
-Most Hated Character Jennifer Keller (well, she's mine)
-Most Supremely Wrong Ship Ever Rodney/Katie
-The Dumbledore Award (aka "Most likely to be declared as homosexual by the creators after the fact") John Sheppard
-Best Inanimate Object Atlantis
-Character most hated by writers Kavanugh
-Character Who Has Suffered the Most Ronon Dex
-Biggest Ego Rodney McKay
-Show Most Likely to Have a Musical Episode (Wouldn't that be awesome? The team accidentally turns on an ancient machine that makes them all sing?)
-Character You Most Wanted To Not Die and Did Carson :'(
-Worst Death Carson again.
-Fandom with the Crackiest Content (Come on, it's true, even in canon)
-Best Remake or Spinoff
-Fandom with the Best Porn
-Best Acting Performance by Hair... John Sheppard
-Character with the Best Voice Carson (I have a thing for accents!)
-Best Recurring Character Zelenka!</a>

-Most Surprising Survival Colby Granger (what with all the jumping off buildings and what not he's done this past season :)
-Most Likely To Survive Colby Granger (again :)
-Best Ship - Canon Megan/Larry <3
-Character That Would Make You Switch Teams Megan Reeves (I would jump her in a minute :D)
-Best Season Finale Season 3
-Best Macro (This one)

-Most Promising New Series
-Best Sidekick Sock
-Show You've Converted The Most Viewers To (I think the only time I've converted someone to my show is when I got paradise_city to start watching Reaper, so...)

-Best Ass Justin Taylor (although Rodney from SGA is up too)
-Best Dressed Brian Kinney
-Biggest Slut Brian Kinney (Like there's any other choice)
-Most Likely to Start an Orgy Brian Kinney (Dude, it's canon!)
-Worst Season Finale Season 5
-Show Most Deserving Of A Movie Version (to fix what they screwed up in the end!)

Harry Potter
-Most Pointless Death Hedwig
-Most Emo Draco Malfoy (someone made the point that he was crying to *Moaning Myrtle* and I couldn't disagree.
-Character Most In Need of Therapy Harry Potter (come on, you know it's true)
-Fandom with the Scariest Fans (Hands down)
-Best Parents The Weasley's
-Character Whose Bookshelf We'd Most Like To See Severus Snape's
-Most Boring Canon Ship Harry/Ginney

Misc Fandoms
-Best Animal CompanionDiefenbaker (Due South)
-Vehicle most loved by its captain/pilot/driver Metallicar (SPN)
-Best Alien Thor (SG-1)
-Worst Parents John Winchester (SPN)
-Best Theme Tune Angel The Series
-Most Pointless Character Dawn Summers (Buffy)
-Best Cross-Dresser Benton Fraser (Due South)
-Most likely to make me drop my panties Award Dean Winchester (SPN)
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