Paraka (paraka) wrote,

*iz dying*

So, I was sitting at work this afternoon, acting all normal, when I got an e-mail from paradise_city. We often e-mail each other during the day, and in fact, had been e-mailing each other about crack fics earlier that day, so I wasn't all that surprised when I received an email from her.

That was, until I read it:
Although I will admit to liking a lot of the Rodney/Bug!John fic that came out after "Conversion," and then I read that one where Rodney was clipping John's toenails and somehow that led to sex and then John left his penis's exoskeleton on Rodney's nightstand and that sort of ruined the whole genre for me. I'm forever afraid of a sneak attack penis exoskeleton now, which is just not right.

If the women who sit around me didn't already think I was crazy, they do now. I nearly *broke* something trying to keep the laughter down. I did in fact, fall off my chair, and probably broke something important in my brain.

The sad thing is, I really want to post this anonymously now to sgastoryfinders not because I want to read the fic, but just so I could make some of the members of that comm cry with despair for fandom. Maybe the Mascara Balls are enough for them.

PS. paradise_city, the google ad showing for my gmail account right now is for harem pants, cheap. I wish I could blame that one on you. *sigh* Also, I called you, to squeal over this. I'm not sure if you have a roommate or not, or if they'd listen to your messages, so I thoughtfully left the word penis out of my message, but *god*
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