Paraka (paraka) wrote,

Nuclear Power!

So first off, Happy Mother's Day to any mothers on my flist (itsjustkristen, you'll always me Mama to me :)!

For my own mother, we got her a GPS system. She was surprised by this gift. I'm not sure why, for the past month she's been dropping anvil sized hints that she wanted one, but she was still genuinely surprised. The best part is when she's holding it in her hand, with the power cord set to the side on the kitchen table and asked my dad if it was battery powered. He just kind of raised his eyebrows and indicated that it's on, but not plugged in. My mom's witty reply? "It could be nuclear powered!"

We have been mocking her for this ever since. I nearly died laughing. My stomach kind of hurts now. Although I didn't escape the mocking. My dad keeps saying that I'm a lot like my mom, who comes up with these brilliant leaps of logic, and is also really forgetful. But I'm also going deaf like him. He sympathized with me that I've inherited the worse traits from both of them, "In 30 years, Lindsay, you'll be saying things like 'I can't remember what I didn't hear'". I laughed a little too hard at that too. Mostly because it's true, and I may do that a little now. They didn't believe me that when I said misremember was a word, my dad kept trying to convince me that I meant "forget" (even though they're totally different words).

I also made sure that my mom had a card for "Grandma Sue" (she hates that name, but we've been using it so much, I think it's going to stick :P) with a little paw print as a signature. :) Although, there were no cards for me :(

Random story from yesterday. When I was walking around downtown, I was mostly shopping at those touristy type shops, and at one of them, they had a little display set up with various flags in it. They had the Canadian flag, as well as all the provincial and territorial flags, and then, mixed in with them, the rainbow flag. I found that amusing, but fun.
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