Paraka (paraka) wrote,


What a beautiful summer day it is outside! I had an eye appointment this morning (still 20/20 vision!) downtown, but instead of coming straight home, I decided to walk around the Sparks Street Mall and act like tourist in my own town. :)

It was really fun, walking around, and ducking into various shops. I always find it a bit weird going into "Canadian" stores, and seeing the things for sale that are suppose to represent our culture. All the native are, wood carvings and back to nature feel. I don't know, Ontario is such a big city province. I know we also have a lot of nature, but it's just not really the wild side that I associate with my home. I think more of farm land and suburbs rather than forests and mountains.

Which is one of the reasons I don't like buying post cards from my local stores, because they always have pictures of moose and the Rockies on them. To my surprise though, when I was walking around downtown, I saw a lot of Ottawa specific postcards, so I bought about 20 of them :P

So, since I have so many now, would anyone like a post card from me? Comments screened.

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