Paraka (paraka) wrote,

Drama R' Us

So I knew from here on out it was going to be busy with stuff going on during my weekends, but it's only Saturday and it's already been pretty crazy.

I stayed up much of the night on Thursday/Friday morning, because my cat Tigger was throwing up everywhere, and was acting very weird, and would cry if we tried to touch her. The next morning whenever I'd pet her, she'd just whimper. I spent all day Friday freaking out that she was dying, but when my mom took her to the vet, it turns out she's just really constipated. So much so that it's backed up to her intestines. She was also really dehydrated. So we've got some medicine to give her, and hopefully it'll make her better soon. She hasn't pooped yet though, which worries us, because if she doesn't go soon we'll have to take her back for a *shudders* enema. The vet had enough trouble getting her to co-operate that we all want to avoid the enema route.

Then early this morning we got a phone call. My cousin was on the line sobbing asking us to come and pick her up. You know how I mentioned I have a cousin who's been really depressed? Well this is her sister, and I guess everything at the house has been so tense and everyone's been so on edge that she just couldn't take it anymore. So she's going to spend the weekend hanging out with us. Shopping for new kitty litters :P

The thing is, it's this pair of cousin's parents who are having their 25th wedding anniversary, and they keep wanting to call it off, because everything is just so tense with their family right now.

I was supposed to be in Toronto this weekend, because it's my older sisters baby shower, but I ended up staying home so I could take care of my cat.
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