Paraka (paraka) wrote,


They just announced today the line up for the Ottawa Blues Fest today, and sounds *awesome*! So many awesome bands, Like Great Big Sea (who I've seen twice before) Three Days Grace (who I've seen once before) Matthew Good (who I've loved since high school, and has produced and is still producing awesome music). They are the bands I'm most excited about, but there are also a bunch of other bands that I enjoy listening to on the radio like Sam Roberts Band, Tragically Hip, Theory of a Dead Man, Tokyo Police Club, and Wintersleep, and even more that I haven't heard of, but I'm sure will be awesome. The fest goes on for 11 days, and I just bought a full pass for the whole thing. That is going to be an awesome two weeks in July.

The only thing that is sort of sad (but not really) is that the last weekend of Bluesfest overlaps over Edgefest in Toronto that I was thinking of going to see (Linkin Park! Why have they never come to Ottawa?), but really for just twice the price I get almost 4X as many days of concerts, and certainly more bands. Plus I don't have to travel there.

This is going to be an *awesome* summer. :D
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