Paraka (paraka) wrote,

Weird Phobias

Know what is hilarious? My sister sent me a thank you card for the high chair I got her for the baby shower. I was a really cute card, the envelope had little baby foot prints cut out around the boarder of the flap. The card was bright and colourful, and the top was folded into a flap that had little buttons.

My mom asked to see the card, but when I handed it to her, she dropped it and jumped back because there were *buttons* on it. Apparently she has a phobia of buttons that aren't attached to anything. We tried to argue that they were attached to the card, but she wouldn't touch it. I find this absolutely hilarious. I can't believe that in the 22 years I've known my mother, I never knew she had that phobia, so there was even more mocking going on. I think I'm going to have to start leaving loose buttons out around the house. :P
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