Paraka (paraka) wrote,

New Numb3rs Last Night!

I'm so happy that Numb3rs is back and airing new eps! It'll help me get through the long hiatus for SGA.

And this was really the kind of Numb3rs ep I love. There was Action!Don, and Charlie's math was good (I've been finding lately that some of the math seems a little weak). There were awesome little moments all throughout, like:
-Charlie asking Don about his therapist.
-Colby thinking like a mathematician.
-Action!Colby retiring and normal Colby returning and complaining as he has to climb.
-Colby and David telling each other's stories at the stake out.
-Colby just wanting to get laid.
-Colby betting double or nothing, and David being all o_O "You can't bet double or nothing, when I was the one betting on the hit!"
Don totally psyching the bomber out.

Not so fun:
-What was up with Alan's facial hair? Eww.Or as paradise_city said, "That is not retired man chic" (are we ever going to see Millie again?)
-The beginning of the story lines to have Megan leave. :( I love Megan, and will totally miss her.
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