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RL Dilemma, Suggestions Please.

So, I'm now a student again! Yesterday I signed up with Athabasca University, where I hope to get a degree in Canadian Studies. It sounds like a really cool course that covers a lot of material. Everything from history, language, politics and literature. I'm not really sure what I'll do with it, but as I've been told over and over again, half the time they don't care what your degree is in, so long as you have one.
I haven't signed up for any classes yet, I'm hoping to speak to an adviser to find out what courses they suggest.

The thing that's nice about AU (which I'm so going to be calling it :P) is it's a school based on distance education, so I can take it and live wherever.

Right now I'm living in Ottawa and working full time. It's a good job, I enjoy it, and it pays well, but I don't actually enjoy living in Ottawa right now. I don't have very many friends here, most of them live in Guelph, or are online. I'm living with my parents, which is really pathetic, and means I haven't much (or, you know, any) of a social life. I live in the country where there's nothing to do, and it's easiest to do nothing.

Also, I'd really like to travel. Like, a lot. Since I don't have to be in one place to take this degree, I kind of want to use that as an excuse to travel, try living in a couple different places. I have a decent amount of money saved up right now, I was thinking of buying a house, but it would be more than enough to let me move and support myself until I found another job. But! I have a really good job right now. Dilemma.

So, I want to ask my flist what they think I should do.
Poll #1155347 What Should Lindsay Do With Her Life

What should I do job-wise.

Stay in the good steady job in Ottawa.
Travel! Live a little! Have fun!
Become a mermaid and sing about cool human toys.

If I do go traveling, where would you suggest I go? (Keep in mind, I would actually have to be able to get a job there).

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