Paraka (paraka) wrote,

Wow, do I ever feel like crap.

My cold, is getting worse. Much worse. My lungs hurt. I was feeling dizzy at work. When I got home, I fell asleep and slept over an hour.

Also, I'm having seriously weird dreams. I had one this morning where the_muppet was a zoologist. I think she was stalking me, I'm not sure. I just remember making a run for it with a pair of iguanas. Why I was dreaming about the_muppet I'm not sure, I certainly don't think of her as a stalker :P

I had another one, where I was at the Sydney Opera House, watching a *movie*. During the credits, music was playing, and Charlie from Numb3rs was standing up beside me dancing to it. Dancing really, really badly, with lots of flaily arms.

The sad thing is, I wasn't even on any funky drugs. :(
Tags: flist, rl
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