Paraka (paraka) wrote,

I Hate My Dad.

So, a few weeks ago, my dad got really sick. My dad hardly ever gets sick, but this time, it was a really back cold. He sounded so bad, that every time he'd cough, I'd kindly tell him "Don't die!".

He's mostly better now, so he has decided to pass his cold onto me. Bastard.

It started off yesterday, with a weird feeling in my throat. Then my lungs hurt when I was running to a late appointment. Now, I can't lie down without feeling like my lungs will collapse. I was coughing up a lung earlier today, and have only stopped now because I took my asthma medicine (which is expired, since it's been about a year and half since I've needed it), but now I'm feeling all jittery.

This sucks.

On the funny side of things though, my parents dragged me to church this morning, and there was singing. They didn't have books, so instead had a power point projection on the wall with the lyrics. I always hate it when they just post lyrics, because it's hard to follow a new song without the sheet music. So I leaned over to my mom, and told her that I think it would be a lot more effective, if they had the lyrics projected on the wall Karaoke Revolution style. That way, even if people don't read music, they can seen when to hold notes, and when the melody goes up or down. And, they could mix in the DDR part, and have everyone dance too. My mom rolled her eyes, and said she'd be happy if they just played something cheerful (all the music had been long and kind of depressing before).
About 2 seconds later, the people at the front wrapped up the song they were singing, and a group of teenagers sitting in front of them all stood up and started clapping, and they break into this cheerful song. I turned to my mom, and told her "Looks like you got your wish" but the really funny part was, when I turned back, they were all *dancing*. Ok, it was more like lame actions to fit the lyrics, but still! How funny was that!? We both started laughing our asses off (as quietly as we could). I was laughing so hard, I went into a mini asthma attack and was practically crying between the coughing and laughing.

Then I glared at my dad, because I totally blamed him for the coughing part.
Tags: *whine*, family, rl
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