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So, last night paradise_city were talking about BNFs, and the new SGA, and then somehow the two merged.

paraka: I'm not really all that sure why Michael wants to be the big bad though. Maybe he just has a secret dream of being a BNF :P
paraka: because all the other BNFs, the Wraith and the Atlantians, didn't love him, so now he's trolling
paradise_city: <3!
paradise_city: Best SGA analogy ever!
paradise_city: Seriously, man. And now he went and kidnapped Teyla and it's all wank, all the time from here on in. Someone call the sockpuppets!
paraka: :D
paraka: Now we just have to work Todd into it
paraka: Do you think the hybrids count as sockpuppets?
paradise_city: Totally. And the Athosians are all the people who never know what's going on.
paraka: :P
paradise_city: And John gets massively defriended for putting his foot in it. That's how he winds up alone.
paraka: And Carson! He just admitted to psuedocide
paraka: !!
paradise_city: OMFG!
paraka: and he's trying it again!
paradise_city: DRAMA WHORE!
paradise_city: Carson totally has the best flouncing posts EVER.
paraka: he's all, I *have* to do this, but I don't really trust this Keller person to fix me, she's just going to keep shunting the priority of the research down, because she's afraid of my BNFdom, and knows that her position is only as high as it is, because I'm not there! She's killing me for BNFdom!
paradise_city: And who can blame her? She saw Elizabeth get tossed out as a mod of her community after a coup. She's not about to let Carson do the same thing to her.
paraka: ha ha
paradise_city: Seriously, I think this is the secret to understanding SGA.
Tags: crack, fandom: stargate atlantis, flist
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