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My Cat Tigger

So, I have a cat, her name is Tigger, and I love her very, very much, but god she can be demanding!

She has this horrible habit of waking up at like 5:30am, and meowing until someone gets up and gives her wet food. And then she's only quite so long as she's eating. After that, she'll wander around the house meowing her head off unless someone manages to catch her and then smothers her in cuddles. Which can be kind of hard, since you need to pet her the entire time, and you mostly just want to go back to sleep.
She also misses me a lot when I'm gone, my dad, who works from home, tries to console her with lots of love and petting, but he's only a poor substitute. I don't know what she's going to do when I move out of here and live on my own, I'll of course take her with me, but what will she do all alone all day?
Today as I sat at my computer she sat on my feet purring and being nice and quiet, but she didn't like it when I went upstairs for dinner. She followed, meowing the whole way, so my sister picked her up. Tigger started making motions at me, so I thought she wanted me to hold her, but no, she wanted the bread I was eating. I'm not sure why, I doubt she'd like to eat it, but she kept batting at me, and when I did try and hold her, I couldn't eat it because she kept trying to stick her face in the butter. It was very weird.
I don't know why I had the sudden urge to tell you all about my cat, I was just thinking about how weird she was, when I went to the bathroom a few minutes ago, and she complained until I let her in, so she could sit on my foot. That kind of attachment just isn't normal. She was at least 13 by the time we met, I have no idea why she's so attached to me specifically, but she is, to the point where my dad now calls me the Alpha Female in the house.
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