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SGA & Kindred, sort of

So, since I was at the wedding this weekend, I only got around to watching Kindred this afternoon. I was disappointed by the fact that we didn't really have much Carson in it, but overall I was happy with it. Also, how awesome was Lorne this ep? Other than the Carson bit, and the fact that Michael was in it, I was mostly unspoiled for this episode, so I was surprised by the amount of build up that was in it. I'm really looking forward to next weeks ep.

Almost as soon as I finished watching it, maekala IMed me:
paraka: yeah, I was totally picking up on the Teyla/Michael stuff
paraka: He so wants her. :P
maekala: speaking of creepy Wraith, did you see the weird Todd/Rodney vibe, or was that just me?
paraka: I get weird vibes between John/Todd/Rodney all the time.
paraka: I have no idea what's up with their relationships
maekala: The part where it hit me was when Rodney was handing over the tablet and the look they shared...that was weird
paraka: hmm, I didn't pick up on it first viewing.
maekala: I think I was watching for it because of the way Rodney had been giving faces back on Atlantis when they were talking about Todd
paraka: but I've always found it weird between them. Sometimes Rodney's like "Hey, it's *Todd* we can trust him" and then other times he's all afraid, or acts like Todd isn't a sentient being
maekala: Especially in Midway, when he went from totally trusting to "that *bastard*"
paraka: yeah
paraka: Todd is such a weird character
paraka: although I think it would be awesome if they did manage to fix the Hoffian vaccine so that only Todd and his hive could eat, so then he becomes king of the Wraith :P
maekala: Todd makes such an awesome foil to Michael's character. I want to see how the two of them would interact
paraka: Someone so needs to write a fic where Michael and Todd meet in bar. Michael getting drunk and ranting about humans who say they're you're friend then try and change you rather than accept you the way you are, with some extra mutterings about "that *bitch*!" meanwhile Todd is complaining about how hard it is to keep coming up with emergencies for them to work on together, and how his superior intellect as a scientist really only has one match.
maekala: bonding over jonesing for humans. Of course, they could totally try and duke it out and finally be like, "fuck this, I'll just steal his human." Leave the rest of Atlantis totally confused and Sam sitting there wondering about aliens and they're love of SG/Atlantis personnel
paraka: Michael can offer to help Todd turn his love into and Angel of the Night or something (and they can sing opera to each other) so they can live forever together in the shadows :P
maekala: That would make a *badass* vid!
paraka: ah ha ha ha!
paraka: God, don't *say* these things, or I will totally *try* it
maekala: would be awesomely cracktastic. Really, you could use almost any song from Phantom of the Opera
Tags: fandom: stargate atlantis
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