Paraka (paraka) wrote,

My Weekend

So I went to a wedding this weekend. It was kind of meh. But as always, going to weddings makes me think of what my wedding will be like, except not.

After going though my sisters wedding, I had decided to elope. I wold tell no one, and then just show up with a husband for the next family dinner.

This time though, I was thinking that maybe I'd have an actual wedding. I'm not overly religious, so maybe an Elvis impersonator as the celebrant? Except I could care less about Elvis, maybe someone dressed up as an alien? I'm a sci fi fan.
Also, since I'm cheep, maybe rather than pay a lot of money to feed everyone at the part after, I could just have a pot luck. :P
I really suck at dancing (I know this, because sometimes I dance with raxhel who is slightly more graceful than me, but tends to just copy my dance moves, and *she* looks goofy dancing, so I *know* I do too), so, for my first dance, I want to make sure I know the moves. To that end, I think my first dance should be the Macarena.

I feel I can't go wrong. I think at the next wedding I go to, I will plan my wedding dress.

In other news, when we were in the car on the way down to the wedding, we were listening to the news, and apparently a report went through, about the cities gunfire. In 2007, Ottawa police fired their guns 51 times. I had never really thought about it before, but I would have thought that number would be higher. Also, of the 51 times their guns were fired, all of them were aimed at animals, which didn't actually surprise me. Ottawa has expanding suburbs into areas that used to be forest, so you have a pretty good chance of hitting a deer or fox or turkey. My sister hit a deer once, and the police officer had to kill it because it wasn't going to make it.
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