Paraka (paraka) wrote,

Dear SGA Fandom,
I understand that there have been a lot of cast changes occurring in our show. Some of us like them, some of us don't. Please, please, please *stop* trying to sit on the fence though and say "I don't see why we can't have character X *and* character Y" or "We can bring the old character back and keep the new" or "they didn't have to get rid of that character to bring in this character". Just stop. SGA already has a huge cast of reoccurring characters and half of it's main cast is already underused. We do not have enough time in an episode or in a season to properly showcase the current cast, TPTB cannot double it and continue on as they have. By all means, feel free to do so in your fics. But don't expect it in our shows. It's not going to happen, it isn't really *possible*.
Tags: fandom, fandom: stargate atlantis
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