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So, I haven't been watching vids as much as I used to, but today I felt like changing that. So I put my vids on to play while I'm surfing around. All of a sudden a QaF vid starts to play, and I recognize it as my own, but for the life of my I couldn't remember which one it was. Isn't that sad? The part that'd even worse, is, as I sat there looking at it, I thought, "Hey, I don't hate this!" Because I have this thing, where often, once I'm finished the vid, I can't make myself watch it afterwords, because all I see is the mistakes. I was a good, oh, minute into it, before I realized that it was a copy of the QaF vid I *started* making last year, but never finished. *headdesk* That's why I couldn't remember which of my *published* vids it was.
That said, I should really go back and finish it sometime, what I have done so far isn't bad. But first, I have to finish the SGA vid I'm working on. I should really work on it now, but I'm feeling kind of meh today and want to do nothing. So instead I am doing some half assed research for the fic I'm totally not writing for paradise_city (oh god, why did a choose a porny idea to start on? I think I'll probably die of embarrassment the first time someone reads it...)
On that note, I'm thinking of adding a BDSM element to the fic, can anyone here rec some good books or websites to do research? I've dabbled in it myself, but since my sex life as a whole isn't really anything to brag about, I don't want to just base things on what I've experienced or looked for myself.
Tags: fandom: queer as folk, fandom: stargate atlantis, fic, flist, help, vidding, vids

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