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SGA 417 Midway

Normally I leave the episode reviews to the people on my flist and just comment on their journal, but I really want to do one for this ep.

I should probably start off by saying I wasn't particularly looking forward to this episode. I wasn't really dreading it per se, but I've been disappointed by many of the episodes this season, and I find that when they have a Ronon centric episode (or hell, even Teyla in Missing) they really change his character from what we see the rest of the time. For example, I know Ronon often uses silence as a way of intimidating people, and he doesn't have the best relationship with Carter, but he seemed really, really hostile towards Teal'c. And really, really rude. I don't get why he's so hostile to Teal'c. I wish that the little speech from Ronon about the IOA had come when they first met, then Teal'c's goading, because once that scene happened the hostility towards Teal'c makes a lot more sense (he resents Teal'c for what he said, and pointing out a weakness in himself). I wonder if Ronon still really hates Carter and that earlier scene was for her benefit.

That said, once they got over that scene I started to really enjoy the episode, so my thoughts on the ep are downgraded into a commentary:
-We got an explanation as to why Teyla hasn't been around much.
-How slouchy does John look in that chair in Carter's office.
-It would have been so awesome to see Teyla kick ass while so pregnant, because you *so* know she can.
-I wonder what's going to happen to Teyla after the baby.
-Oh Ronon, you kick so much ass.
-The Wraith don't look nearly as scary in the bright light of day. Also their equipment looks really fake.
-I disliked how John came in and was all, I don't know, it kind of came off to me like he was trying to discipline a naughty puppy. That scene could have gone a hundred different ways, but instead they do it like that. They could have John ask in a conjolling way, or if he was issuing an order it should have him be more brisk, but instead they did something in between and I just don't like how it came off, or the fact that Ronon followed through on it, if they were going to do it that way, I wish Ronon would have hesitated and then let John push his hand down.
-Ah ha ha ha, John totally suggested the fighting so he could bet on it.
-paradise_city, is this another one of those things you like to see? Betting on Atlantis? Although I will admit, I was a little surprised to see them betting with real money. I guess it's harder to convey betting of DVDs or powerbars though, and with the gatebridge and regular space ship visits, money might mean something now.
-And of course Chuck is the one collecting all the bets :D
-The money!! What type of bill does John first grab from Chuck? It looks green, so at first I assumed it was American, but the other bills are Canadian fives. The first one doesn't look Canadian to me, or American, but I could be wrong on that last one.
-You know, if Midway is such an important place, seeing as how it connects the two galaxies together, *why* do they not have iris' on their gates? I mean it's kind of stupid for them to think that no one hostile was ever going to end up there, especially if they're just going to open the iris on the other sides as soon as they see that it's Midway calling regardless of whether it's a scheduled activation (That's what radios are for!). The security here seems stupidly lax. I mean, even if they didn't think anyone could hack into the network like they did this time, what if someone was able to take over Atlantis, or someone snuck through?
-Why aren't they flying jumpers through anymore? That makes far more sense. Especially when you hear John's worry over the thought of a malfunction and the boys being let out into space. Seriously, what kind of security is going on here?
-I love how Bill? Is that the SG-1 scientist name? Anyways I love how he totally didn't seem to be afraid of the Wraith.
-Oh Rodney! You looked to woobie and cute while explaining that you're sure Ronon and Teal'c made it through!
-We see a lot of bodies of people eaten by Wraith this episode, and can I just say... they're looking very fake. I mean, I think they always have, but seeing the whole body, with their little twisted legs just lying there, makes them look particularly fake, and not scary. I'm beginning to understand why some people are starting to find the Wraith more ridiculous than scary. Hell, even the scientists don't find them scary!
-When they first showed Ronon and Teal'c hiding around a corner with the space suits in the background, my first thought was "oh man, if they have a space fight..."
-Why have we not seen this stun bomb before? You'd think it would have come in handy in such situations as when they were attacking Atlantis in the Siege, maybe it's a new invention.
-*Why* did they not bring a bigger strike force? There wouldn't have been nearly as many casualties if they had had an army of men go through.
-We've been seeing so much soldier Rodney this season, that I found it a bit weird that he was hesitant to go on this mission, and that he hung back protected as John and the soldiers shot their way into the control room.
-Everyone loves Ronon's gun. Everyone.
-When I was watching this, Kavanagh set off the self destruct and Rodney tells John "We made a terrible mistake" and I was so thinking "Ha! I've got to mention this to paradise_city, it totally works into my argument about how Rodney interacts with his scientists. Look at him, not placing blame, and taking control of the situation as the head scientist ♥" and then, then he ruined it by saying "We never should have woken Kavanagh" *head desk*
-Why is it that the IOA guy is the first to wake up, and not soldiers? And why did the boys stop to talk to him?
-Rodney calling him John and Shep in the same episode, I'm sure all the McSheppers out there are dying of glee.
-How much damage do the Wraith really expect the stun guns to do to the door. The door is an inanimate object, it doesn't need to be stunned, it doesn't *move* to begin with.
-While they did show a group of humans as being fed on, you'd think that a bunch of them were just stunned. Venting the atmosphere just killed those soldiers.
-I love how we see the Wraith dropping like flies as soon as the air starts being vented, but John has time to fight a Wraith *and* suit up in a space suit. 'K, I haven't gotten into many space suites myself, but I would think it would take a while to get into one of those things. It probably would have been a lot faster for him to just jump through the hatch and into the jumper. Maybe if he had just stuck the helmet on or grabbed the air tank...
-Wait, how did the marines that were shot in the hall, that we saw John take guns from *in the hall* end up in the room?
-Why would the military *nuke* the base? Do they actually mean "drop a nuclear bomb on the base"? because that would be really, really stupid, and destructive, and would destroy more than just the base.
-Ok, if there is a password to get into the airlock, why did no one tell John as he was making his way there?
-I totally wasn't expecting them to blow up the midway station. I thought they'd shut the self destruct down in time...
-I love how Ronon make such a big show of leaning forward to talk into the microphone, then simply says "yes"
-I love how it's Rodney that loses it with all the talking, you'd think Sheppard would let him visit him in the cockpit :( Also, it couldn't have been that good of a locked door if Rodney was able to open the door at the press of a button. I wonder if they had a fight that stopped Rodney from forcing the issue :P Or if John threatened to shoot anyone who tried to get it (and Rodney spent some time stunned :)
-Ronon waking John up, is the cutest thing *evah*. Also, Ronon has the most beautiful smile. :D
-Can you just imagine the state Weir would have been in had she been waiting to hear back from them at Atlantis, she would be a total mess wondering what happened to them, and working the scientist to have them come up with a way of finding a way to get to them. *Sigh* I miss Weir.
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