Paraka (paraka) wrote,

The gym and another rant.

Note to Self: Don't leave gym back in the car all day when it's -27 outside. Shampoo has the consistency of ice cream when cold, and it's not pleasant to rub around on your head.

In good news though, I really am beginning to feel better because of the gym. There's this stairs machine that I often go on for 15 minutes. When I first started on it, it nearly *killed* me. And I'd have to really push myself for the last 5 minutes. Today though, when I looked down at the 10 minute mark, I was just beginning to feel winded. When I finished, my legs didn't even feel shaky. So I upped my time on the bike by 5 minutes, but I think next time, I'll up the stair time too. Go me.

Fandom-wise, know what really makes me annoyed? I know everyone has varying degrees of time available to be in fandom, but it drives me crazy when some people try and make light of their fandom embarrassment, by pointing to someone else and saying they need to get a life.

The girl that I go to the gym with was my best friend when I was in grade 4. We've moved away from each other in a lot of ways, but she's always fought to keep our friendship going and we've been doing a lot better now that we're going to the gym together. One of the other things that has helped a bit, is she reluctantly admitted to finding out about fandom and enjoying it.

We're in totally different parts of fandom, and she mostly just reads, but we'll talk about it together; about fics we've read, or which fandoms we prefer. So it drives me really crazy when she disses me for being in fandom. I made the mistake of telling her that I went to a con called "Toronto Trek" and now she'll mock me for being one of "those" fans who goes to Star Trek conventions (never mind that there is very little there about Star Trek, which is why they're now called Polaris). I told her about how I'm on the waiting list for Vividcon, and she totally rolled her eyes at me.

The thing that really got me upset though, is that today when we were talking about our weekend, I mentioned that paradise_city has been encouraging me to write a fic, and I had started it. Amy rolled her eyes, so hard I'm surprised it didn't hurt, and told me I have far too much time on my hands. When I pointed out to her that she spends her free time *reading* fanfic, she told me that it's totally different. Come on, what? Without the writers, there would be no readers! Also, you can write *anywhere*. Even if you haven't any paper, you can still sit there planning out scenes or whatever, but to read, you have to be in front of a computer. I just don't get her.

So I seem to be ranting a lot lately... Sorry?
Tags: fandom, rl

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