Paraka (paraka) wrote,

I'm still Tjeu guveupoalive

Hi huys, so I made it. I'm sorry if this has a lot of typos in it, I'm typing it all up with my eyes closed, since I'm not supposed to stare at compters.

The good new is tat I can see. I suppose in the end, that's what's spposed to happpen, so I'm considering this a win.
On the bad side, I didn't expect the surgery to hurt as much as it did.They give you these drops that is supposed to freeze your eye, but I think I blinked too much for them to work properly )since some of the other people who got it dine said it didn't hurt at all._.A;sp when I went back to the waiting room, I freaked out a bit because it was like there was a white fog on everything. Turns out it was (like( a fog, it *was* a fog, on th the sunglasses I was wearing. My eyes were tearing up so much, the glasses just stayed foggy the whole time.
I also greaked out a bit, on the drive home, because I couldn't seem to open my eyes. It was like when you're cutting up a really strong onion and the smell is just making your eyes water so much. I'd ope my eyes a fraction, and the tears would just pour out, but then I'd have to close my eyes again, so I couldn't have time to see anything. And my eyes felt really really irritatedand the drops just weren't doing mmuch. I had an audio book ready to listen to when I got home, but I was so uncomfortable, and my mom just couldn't figure out my computer, so I deced to just go to sleep in stead.
O slept like the dead. I can't believe how late it is, and how many phone calls I slept through. I'm feeling much much better now, and my eyes don't hurt (well they feel a little uncomfortable, because they're covered in guck, but the eyeballs themselves don't hurt.)

I can also see a lot more clearly, which is making it really hard to resist doing things like checking my e-mail, or stare as I type this up. I got n email from my best friend, wishing my lick, and threatening to kick my bitt if I read this afterwards. Maybe I shouldn't tell her I read it :P
Tags: rl
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