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So, I've never been one of those people who has a regular period. When I was a teenager, I would go months without it, and then for one really frustrating year it *didn't* *go* *away* (and was super heavy to boot for months on end!).

When I was in China though, I just stopped getting it. Finally after about 10 months, I went to the Dr.'s, because as much as I enjoyed not having to deal with having a period, I knew it meant something was wrong.
Turns out, I have a vitamin B-12 deficiency, which means I'm anemic. The Dr. said it wasn't really a big deal; it can make me sleepy, and if it does, I can just go in and get a shot. So I didn't really worry about it. I went on the Pill for a bit to get my period back on track, but when I ran out of health insurance, I went off again, and stopped getting my period. The thing is, I haven't naturally had my period in over 2 years.

Lately though, I think it's been getting worse, since it moved beyond no periods, and suddenly my toes would go numb, and would stay numb for days, even getting into weeks. This freaked me out enough that I've started taking some B-12 supplements regularly (I had had them almost since I found out, I would just always forget to take them). And now, after about a month of being good and taking my vitamins regularly, I finally got my period.

Man, I *really* didn't miss those. My back hurts, and I can't eat very much at a time, because it makes my stomach hurt. Can I please go back to not having these?Also, historically, I have really long periods, and it's already been 3 days, and it just seems to be getting heavier.

*stupid Mother Nature*

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