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Meme: 2007 Review

So, I wanted to do that 2007 in review thing, where you post the subject lines of the first entry of each month, but I have a bad habit of not putting subject lines on my posts, so I'm a little afraid there's going to be a lot of "no subject", which does actually reflect my life. But in the interest of actually being fun, I'm also going to do it, where I post the first sentence of each first post of the month. :P

My Mom's so awesome! Fic New Vid! I love fandom and their April Fools Jokes Vidding Go Sens Go! (no subject) (no subject)I feel really stupid. SGA 404 - Doppleganger (no subject) Oh My.

My mom *hates* cats. When I was in the QaF fandom, I'd read pretty much anything I came across. Ok, so I got my computer back on Friday (yay!) Ok, so I know I totally missed out on April Fools, but there were actually some good fandom pranks pulled. Vids promised to people: 3 (SGA, SPN, QaF) 6 minutes left, and it's 5-3!!! So, this weekend was Canada Day, which means long weekend, Yay! Stolen from kukalaka because it's funny: But I have to ask. Hey, do you guys remember last year, when the second half of SGA aired first in Canada, and people kept saying that Canada was airing it in the wrong order, because they eps weren't in the same order as the list Gateworld posted? The thing about shots is they take a while to hit you. What a day to come back to LJ.

I say ok and Yay! a lot....
Also, I have about a mizillion comments to reply to, I'm sorry!
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