Paraka (paraka) wrote,

Think with me!

So, I'm kind of in a think-y mood and would like to talk!

Really, I'll talk about anything under the sun, anyone interested in a rambley comment exchange?

To start things off, this is something I've been thinking about for a while now...

Let me start off by saying that other than a few half-paid-attention-to Firefly bits, the only thing I've seen Jewel in is Stargate. I know I lot of people loved her in Firefly, but wow, I just can't respect her performance as Jennifer Keller on SGA.

I know part of it is the writers giving her crappy parts (see Missing), but after watching This Mortal Coil, I have to put some of that on Jewel part. I mean look at how we saw Lorne and Zelenka act, they were both "off" but not enough to really make you think they were robots. Keller on the other hand might as well have had a sign around her neck saying "Aren't I acting stupidly weird!?" There was no subtlety in her part. You'd think, especially since this replicator appeared to be the one in charge that they'd be able to interact with the... the, what ever the team where, more human replicators, without panicking. Grrr.
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