Paraka (paraka) wrote,

I really wish there were more podfics out there. I do a lot of paperwork at work that doesn't really require much thought, so listen to them while working. I've downloaded pretty much everything from sgapodfic and listened to it at least twice. Which is why, I'm currently at work, listening to the most recently posted fic, which is John/Elizabeth.

Man, nothing against the author (really really, this is all me) but I'm having a lot of trouble listening to it. I just... can't take John/Elizabeth seriously. In fact I have trouble taking John/Anyone-but-Rodney seriously. I think I've been reading McShep too long to be able to read anything else. I only started reading McShep because there was so much of it (and so many of the writers were *good*), I actually started out reading McBeck, but I think I finally have to admit to myself that I am a McShep fan.

Also, after all this time, it's kind of hard to go back to het. I've been reading slash for... 4 years now.

God I'm bored at work right now. There's *nothing* to do! I think I'm going to shuffle some papers and look busy.
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