Paraka (paraka) wrote,

'Tis the season...

To be eating.

So laii and I were talking. We were talking about food, and decided that there needs to be a meme. A meme in which we share recipes so that we can all try a new dish come Christmas, or whatever it is that you celebrate, or just to try something new.

So to start off, I'm offering up my mom's recipe for broccoli salad.
Part 1
-1 bunch broccoli - chopped fine.
-1 medium sweet onion - diced fine.
-1 apple (Mackintosh) - chopped small.
-1/2 cup raisins.
-1/2 sunflower seeds (optional)

Part 2
-3/4 cup mayo.
-2 Tbsp white sugar.
-1 Tbsp vinegar.
2-3 squirts of lemon juice.

Mix Part 2 well, and add Part 1 to the mix. Cooked bacon can be crumbled on top for extra taste.

This recipe can be made early in the day or the night before, but should be refrigerated at least a few hours before serving.

Now share some of your favourite recipes with me!
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