Paraka (paraka) wrote,

Flyby Update

So for the most part, I'm still not really reading LJ, sorry if I've missed anything! Things have been kind of crazy in my RL, what the moving, the political campaigns, hospital trips, bad news and so on.

I've even been falling behind on the shows I watch (still haven’t seen this weeks Numb3rs yet :S), and the only fandom news I've really been getting is from the few yahoo groups I'm on.

I don't really talk about it much on my LJ, but I've been a part of the Save Carson campaign for over a year now, and I'm while I've never done anything for the Save Weir campaign, I'm beginning to think about getting behind it (I never thought I’d miss her, but I find I am :S).

Anyways, on the yahoo groups I'm on, there's been a lot of talk lately about Carson vs. Keller and Carter vs. Weir, and one thing that drives me a bit crazy is the amount of people saying "Why can't we have *both*!" (or, you know, all 4). We do *not* want all of them people. We really, really don't. SGA already has a huge cast; there are the 6 main characters and lots of well loved extras like Lorne and Zelenka. As it is, it was only last season that we got any real insight into Ronan, and Teyla, Weir, Carson and Ronan are often ignored or just *there* as it is. It's happening to Numb3rs right now, how Don and Charlie seem like they're just *there* half the time rather than actually *doing* anything. I hate it.

The Dr.'s hardly have any time, why would you throw two in? Also, I have no interest in seeing Keller now; I would care even less about her if Carson were there.

And as for Carter & Weir? Well there can only be one person in charge of Atlantis, so I'm not sure how people expect them to both be there. If Weir was put back in charge, and Carter was kept she'd have to start infringing on either Rodney's or John's roles, maybe both. And I highly doubt the Weir fans would be happy if she were brought back and not made a leader. She's also kind of stuck as not completely human at the moment, no way would she be put in charge. Personally I'm hoping that she comes back as a bad guy.

Also, actors are expensive, they're not going to have 8 people as main characters.

It pisses me off, because it feels to me like fans are saying it as a suggestion to TPTB so they can be happy (because we all now how much they're in love with Amanda and Jewel, as well as the characters they portray), but are fighting for what they want, and offering these compromises. It doesn’t work that way. Also, we're the fans, the customers; it's their job to make us happy, not the other way around. Stop being wishy washy, and just get up and demand what you want. If they see how pissed off people are, and see that their jobs are in jeopardy, they'll listen, but if we continue to act like we do, they're going to see that we can be walked all over, and still watch the show.
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