Paraka (paraka) wrote,

Crazy Weekend

There was partying and house moving. I went down to Toronto with my parents this weekend, and my little sister was left home alone (she's 17) while we were gone. She's a bit of a hypochondriac, and just had gum surgery, so when she called to say that something was wrong with her face, we kind of just... not ignored it, but mostly just tried to calm her down. We had my cousin pick her up so a nearby aunt could see, and next thing we knew she was in the ER, because was something ever wrong with her face.

Turns out she has Bell's Palsy, and half her face has pretty much been paralyzed. :S Luckily it isn't permanent, but still. She looks kind of freaky:

My mom and I met her at the hospital (still in the ER, it's not so serious that she had to stay there or anything), and I took that video. I think the trip screwed me up a bit though, since last night I had a nightmare about my leg being amputated :S

I sooo need to get caught up on my shows. I still haven't seen last weeks eps of SGA or Reaper, and I really need to rewatch Numb3rs, because how awesome was that ep!?
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