Paraka (paraka) wrote,

Random Things that Amuse Me

-mercury973 sent me a package/present. And in that package was something called Floam. It's fun to play with, but my cat won't come near me if I do because it makes my hands smell. I guess where ever she bought it, they make batches of them every day (or possibly a couple times a day), because written on the outside of the jar is "2PM Mix" except the person's handwriting is kind of linish, so it actually looks more like "ZPM Mix" :D

-The other day we were watching the news, and they were doing a story on this program that flew sick/disadvantaged kids to Disney for a day. They had a lot of volunteers, including some celebrities with the kids. The reporter was interview this one celebrity volunteer, a Montreal Canadians hockey player, and the kids he was chaperoning. At one point the reporter turned asked the kids if they like hockey and who was their favourite team, all of the kids enthusiastically yelled "The Ottawa Senators!!" I love my town and my team :D The poor Habs player just laughed it off.

-Yesterdays Numb3rs. When they got to the point where they followed the IP address to someone's house, and the kid was lying on the couch with the TVs flickering around him, my first thought was "OMG! He's *inside* the computer and controlling it that way!" and then I remembered that Numb3rs isn't one of my Sci Fi shows. :S
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