Paraka (paraka) wrote,

TV Show Squeeing

So I haven't really been on LJ for the past week or so, so sorry if I've missed anything.

I'm still not reading my flist at the moment, but had to take the time to squee about the shows I've been watching (really late, I know).

I just finished watching Reaper and OMG! That scene at the end just cemented Sam/Devil as my OTP! The Devil calls Sam a homosexual and he doesn't deny it! Sam tries to talk to the Devil about love!
This show just doesn't stop being awesome!

And SGA! I *loved* Tabula Rosa. Episodes like that are why I love this show. It totally has me excited about this weeks ep. And how awesome was it to see Lorne! and Zelenka! I loved watching Teyla dealing with Rodney, it was so sweet. And the Ronon moments made me happy. I'm glad that those characters are getting more attention. Even Sam didn't bother me at all this ep. :D

Numb3rs in 15 minutes!
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