Paraka (paraka) wrote,


So I finally had a chance to watch this weeks SGA, and may I say, I seem to be so out of step with this fandom. I hated Doppleganger, but actually liked this one. And I'm not even a Sheppard lover. It would have been nice to see more of the team, but Ronon was awesome, an John was good.

My only concern, is that I've heart that the Travellers are supposed to be the new bad guy in town. God I hope I'm wrong. Can we say the Genii all over again? Come on, the Wraith were such great bad guys, SG-1 managed to keep the Goa'ould (sp?) for how many seasons? What's wrong with the writers of SGA that they couldn't keep up with the Wraith? I hate that there are so many alien bad guy possibilities why do you keep making human bad guys? If I wanted to watch human badguys I'd turn on Law and Order, and any number of shows that *aren't* sci fi.

Something that's been annoying me lately. I've been analyzing my shows too much. Even when I like an episode, I still talk about what they did wrong. Lindsay, you're killing your own fun here.
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