Paraka (paraka) wrote,

Wedding Horror Story

I actually wrote this on Saturday, but for some reason it only posted to my IJ and not my LJ, so I'm reposting it now.

So, today my parents were supposed to go to the wedding of the son of a friend of theirs.

When they got there, the could tell that things were a bit off, because normally there are ushers to take you to your seat, but none of the wedding party could be seen. Sure enough, after a while the priest gets up and announces that the wedding has been canceled. Uh oh.

Unfortunately it wasn't just that someone had gotten cold feet.

The groom had borrowed his uncles classic Mustang for the wedding, and I guess older cars handle a lot differently than modern cars. He was driving (faster than he probably should have) while talking to his bride on the phone, when he veered off the road a bit and hit the gravel. I don't really know what happened after that, but the car flipped and hit a hydro pole. His best man was in the car too and is fine, but the groom, is definitely not.

The damage:
-2 punctured and collapsed lungs.
-His face is just *broken* (classic car, no air bags. His cheek bones, his nose, his jaw, all broken).
-Too many broken ribs to count.
-His pelvis bone was crushed on both sides (they've done surgery to put steel pins in).
-All his limbs are broken.
-He nicked his urethra, which they've had to go in and fix, since that can be fatal (he also nicked his liver, but they're going to leave it for now).

His parents where driving in a different car right behind, and were the ones to pull the groom out of the car; they though he was dead. I can't imagine what it was like for his bride, who heard it all over the phone. Last I heard she was still at the hospital in her wedding dress. I guess the emergency response was really fast though, which was lucky. They had him air lifted to the Ottawa Civic (the big hospital in town) where he went straight into surgery. First on his face, then into a cat scan to check for brain damage, and then into surgery to stop some of the internal bleeding, patch up the urethra, and put some pins in his hips. He just got out about half an hour ago, and the Dr.'s said for the first time today that they think he'll make it. But if he wasn't so young (only 25) and athletic, he wouldn't have had even a chance of making it. Although I'm sure for the next few months, he'll probably be wishing he were dead. Even now the drugs they have him on right now aren't enough, he's in a *lot* of pain. But he's been awake a few times, and the cat scan looked good so far, although apparently anything can happen in the first 24 hours, so brain damage can't be ruled out yet (and with two collapsed lungs, you have to wonder how much oxygen was getting in...).

I just... feel so helpless right now. Please people on my flist, drive carefully. And be extra careful when talking on your cell phone.

Update: They're pretty sure that he's going to live, but I've also discovered that he broke his back somewhere, no one has said anything about paralysis yet.
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