Paraka (paraka) wrote,

QaF and fanfic in general

So, first off, Happy Birthday to anoel! I hope you had a great day!

So I've been thinking lately. About QaF. And fic. Specifically, all the great crack fic QaF had.

I think it's easier to recognize Bad!Fic once you're out of a fandom, and QaF had some of the very *best* Bad!Fic out there (or maybe time dims such things :P).

So I would like to open my comments up to talk about some of the really good Bad!Fic out there. Not the stuff, where there was bad spelling, or a complete lack of plot, but the Bad!Fic that you just couldn't stop reading, even though it was getting really out of character, or was so off from what the characters on the show were that the only resemblence they had were the same names. Some particularly memorable ones from QaF for me:
-Miss Miko's *epic* fic, where we got to spend 10 chapters reading (and seeing, as there were pictures!) about the boys decorating their house.
-That fic, by someone, where in the first 20 chapter part, Justin was a deaf single dad, and then in the beginning of the next 20 chapter part, he got it cured, and the story had like, another 20 chapter part, where you completely forgot that the premise of the fic in the beginning was that he was deaf.
-The one where they were all Space!Pirates.
-*all* the fics where Justin became a prostitute
-The one where Brian was a mobster in the 1920s.
-The one where Brian was the high school kid, and Justin let him move in after his dad beat the shit out of him or something.
-The one where Brian was a Roman soldier, and Justin a Celtic warrior.
-Oh the awesome mpreg one that was told from the two sides (one a Bad!Fic writer, and one where the author tried to keep them in character).

I know there were more out there! I'm sure others fandoms have them too!
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