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My Long Weekend.

So, most of you already read about my big news. My sister and brother-in-law took me and my little sister for a walk on Sunday after church to give us the news. I knew that they were trying to get pregnant, but it still caught me by surprise. :)

Apperantly my mom has known for about a week now. My sister accidently let it slip, when she was complaining about the fact that she had to switch her rabbit's medicine for the more expensive stuff since pregnant women couldn't handle the cheaper stuff. My mom has been going crazy trying to keep in a secret. Apperantly she's not very good at secret keeping. My aunt still isn't talking to her for keeping it a secret from her. When my sister told the rest of the family, that aunt yelled at my mom that should could have *acted* surprised. :P

My mom wasn't even allowed to tell our dad. He only found out on Sunday too (my sister made him a pair of toilet paper binoculars, like they used to play with when she was a kid, and wrote #1 Grandpa on them). Her announcement to the rest of the family was made when she gave my grandmother a birthday card for a "Great Grandma" Nana, had to read it out loud about 3 times before she got it (she got caught up on the fact that it said Grandma instead of Nana :P), and then she started crying. Which made me start to cry, a lot. Which made my Uncle Jamie start to cry (he's a bog ol' softy!).

At one point I asked my sister what she planned on naming the baby and she said Tayor if it's a girl, and Noah or Sebastien if it's a boy. I'm not really crazy about any of those names, but the family managed to talk her out of Sebastien (there may have been repeated singings of "Under the Sea" involved), on the grounds of who the heck names their kid Sebastien? And then I come home and see that David Hewlett has had a boy, and named him... Sebastien. :P

In other fandom news, I've almost finished ripping my new Nmb3rs season 3 DVDs and have the TV rips replaced on my site. I've also uploaded some of the specials, but haven't linked them on the page, so for anyone interested:
S3 Bloopers (Oh, Colby killed me with his slashiness; hitting on Ian :P)
Set Tour
A Special on the Eppes Family House
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