Paraka (paraka) wrote,

Some random thoughts on Numb3rs.

Happy Thanks Giving! I'm currently at my grandmothers, stealing her neighbours internet signal :S

I've been ripping season 3 of Numb3rs so that I can put it up on my website, and have been watching bits of it on fastforward with no sound as it rips, and I've come to the conclusion that, if you're eating around Charlie, you deserve to have your food stolen. You'd think the group would have learned by now, but they still always look incredulous when he dives in and snaps it up for whatever demonstration he's trying to give.

Also, in this most revcent episode David catches a glimps of the girl as she's driving away and is like "It's HER!" And I was like "Who?" David: "The dead girl!" Me: "What?" And then I turned to my mom and said, "Wow, I would never make a good cop since I so didn't see the resembalence."

Which, when I think about it is so true. I think that's one of the reasons why I prefer TV shows to movies. I like action, but half the time when I'm watching action movies, I get lost because I don't have the facial recognition to connect "person in the blue sweater" in the beginning to "sinister bad guy currently trying to kill the Hero". With TV shows you have time to get to know all the characters. I would so suck if I were the witness to a crime (alothough I'm not sure how that is, since when we were mugged, I had the muggers face imprinted into my brain, and while I couldn't do it now, I would have been able to pick the guy out of a line up for months afterwards).

God the other day they were showing on the news Howard Hampton losing his cool, and I totally thought it was John Tory (so felt kind of dumb for teasing my dad about voting for him).

Another random story. My mom was the one that got me to start watching Numb3rs, but she's not really as into it as I am. She can remember Don and Charlie, and Megan as the girl at the FBI but she can never remember David or Colby's names. As bad as it sounds, whenever I'm talking about them with her, I generally have to say something like "Colby, the white guy" or "David, the black guy". Anyways, the other day I was watching the behind the scenes stuff from season 1, and watched the one on the unaired pilot. I was kind of surprised to see that Charlie, Amita and David were the only cast that remained for the real pilot. I was telling my mom this, and said something like: "I was surpised to see that in the pilot there was only Charlie, David, the black guy and..." When my mom interrupted me saying "What!?" She totally misheard me as saying, in the pilot Charlie was *dating* a black guy. So now, whenever I'm talking about the characters, instead of having to refer to the guys by the colour of their skin, I can just say David, Charlie's boyfriend :D (And Colby the spy).
Why yes, I am a slasher, and try to spread the love wherever I can.
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