Paraka (paraka) wrote,

Numb3rs Part 2

So I just finished watching Numb3s, I wanted to tape it while it was playing at 8 so that the download could be ready sooner, but stupid me forgot to tick a box off, so it wouldn't tape. That's ok, I'll catch the 10 pm showing on CBS.

As for the eps itself...

Hmmm. I was a bit surprised to see Liz back, I don't know why. Probably because she wasn't in the pilot when they were down an agent. I find it a bit jarring to see the Eppes brothers in "happy" relationships. I had kind of forgot about Don/Liz until Colby mentioned it. And then seeing her getting into bed with Don?

Also, it was totally weird seeing Alan's reaction to Amita announcing that Charlie had given her a key. Alan spent much of the first season trying to to get them together, and he's made no bones about wanting Don and Charlie to be in happy relationships, preferable with grandchildren, why was he acting all cold to Amita? I can see it maybe being awkward, but he shouldn't be taking it out on Amita; speak to Charlie about it.

Colby was acting kind of weird. I guess it's understandable, that he was being a little distant; trying to protect himself from them when they treat him differently. Still, Don, Megan and Liz were surprisingly not weird towards him. David... hmmm.

The overall storyline? Kind of forgettable, although the answer was a surprise for me.

Flist, what do you think?

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