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So, I've sort of fallen into a funk. Thank god it's a long weekend coming up.

When I first started getting depressed as an adult it always happened when something stressful was going on in my life, so I had thought I just don't deal well with it. I first began to think otherwise in China, when I started to get little periods of time where nothing was really going on in my life, but I'd still be feeling blue. I would *need* to cry. Now I think the stress just pushes my depression into focus. I think I'm in one of those funks right now. I get annoyed when certain people try to talk to me, and just want to be alone and do nothing. I've been sleeping a lot too. I almost went to bed earlier because I was feeling tired, only to look and see that it wasn't even 9pm yet. Bleh, I hate feeling this way, hopefully I'll get over it soon.

Elections are coming up. I have no idea who to vote for. And I'm totally torn on the referendum. :S

I had a good day at work today though, even if it got a little bit too much work at one point. As some of you may know, I recently started working in the Contracts department of my company. Except I'm not a contract coordinator, I just help the others out whenever they need it. Lately? They haven't needed it. So, I've been given the job of looking up every single written contact we have with customers, and reading their terms and conditions to see what terms we have in regards to changing prices on them (raw materials, manufacturers, or exchange rate escalations to be specific). Yes this is as boring as it sounds. *head desk*. Also, since I'm supposed to do *all* of them, I have to go through the *French* ones as well. I can't always understand the *English* terms and conditions, and they want me to double check the *French* ones too? That's just asking for trouble.

Today though, was good, because I was told yesterday that for the next little while I'll be spending Tuesdays and Thursdays working in the quotes department. I would jump at anything if it distracted me from the terms and conditions, but I also really love the opportunity. As a summer student, I've now worked in every department of Customer Service at my company minus the ISG section (which is pretty much the same in my section, but they sell parts of things instead of things) and admin (which, ok, has key entry, but is mostly filing). It's great getting to see so many different sides of the company. And I get to learn a lot. I mean more than half the work given to me by the contracts group is cross referencing. I still have sooooo much to learn when it comes to our millions of products, but I'm getting much better, and it's quite interesting sometimes to see all the varied things we sell.

Things I've had to look up/have found while looking for things in the past:
-Well there was the whole worms thing.
-We sell this morgue refrigerator that can hold up to 300 bodies (I'd hate to see the price tag on *that* one).
-I had to look for something today made of sheep blood.
-An alarm that calls you if your fridge isn't cold enough.
-Fake sperm.
-I once had to give a quote on one of those shovels you use to clean kitty litter, you know with the holes in it that you can get for a dollar at Wal Mart? The closest thing I could find was a full sized one that was $200.
-Someone once asked me to find a large model of an ant, but I wasn't able to find it (a couple movie sets buy things from us, I've personally taken calls for Smallville and The 4400, although I'm sure there are more. I wonder if Stargate has ever called...).
-Someone once tried to order lunch from me, but he had the wrong number.
-A couple times I've had drug... dealers? Makers? something like that, call. *That's* always fun. I remember once, one of the girls had to do all the lying to the guy to try and get him into a position so that the cops could go in and nab him. My Dad (who works at the same company) once had to be a witness in a murder trial.... Good times. :-/

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