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TV Shows

So, new seasons are starting, and I've watching TV again.

So the first new show I watched was Chuck. I had read an article about it online and it sounded kind of neat. It's an interesting premise, but I'm not sure how great it's going to turn out. They don't quite have the proper balance of humour and seriousness. Like I said, the premise is good, but they make the characters goofy when they shouldn't. I can understand Chuck being goofy, but when the CIA agent comes off as such (and feel oh so *fake*) I just begin to lose interest. It kind of comes off more as a cartoon for young teenagers than a prime time show. I'm going to give it a few more tries, but at the moment I'm not all that impressed.

I had head about Reaper, but mostly just watched it because an easy download come up on my flist. I wasn't really looking forward to it that much, I kind of expected it to be a take on Dead Like Me, which never really caught my attention. I was really surprised by how Reaper turned out. They didn't try to make it serious, or they left the serious parts as undertones, covered by humour. I quite enjoyed it, and was laughing quite a bit throughout it (although the firefighter stamping his feet was kind of dorky).

Although, I have to ask, does anyone know if this show was shot in Canada? Because "Work Bench" may be a take off of Home Depot, but that store? Looks like exactly like a Canadian Tire. So, so very much.

Once I got past all the squeeing, and happiness over how hot Colby, Don and Megan looked, I must admit, I was... a little disappointed. I felt that maybe everything was solved a bit too quickly, and it would have been nice if they had gone farther up the ladder when it came to the Chinese spys. I will however be happy with how the first episode went down if they do a good job of the Colby story line in the next few eps. Have it be awkward, have him have to deal with all of it. I'm looking forward to the Colby/David storyline.

Stargate Atlantis

Spoilers for Adrift, Lifeline, and Doppleganger

Hmmm, what to say. When I first watched the leaked episodes I was really excited about the upcoming season. I seem to have lost all that though. I at first got carried away in the storyline, but later started talking about the characters and that's what's pulled me back. Unlike many in the fandom, I'm not in love with John or Joe Flannigan. And the more I watch this season, the more that not-love is turning into dislike. I hate how John treated Rodney in Adrift, and even if it wasn't as bad in Lifeline, it still annoyed me. Doppleganger? I know everyone was squeeing over it, but I just don't think that Joe Flannigan was a strong enough actor to carry that storyline off. I found his performance lacking, and just couldn't get into the episode because of it. Also, after seeing Sam in charge, I'm now missing Weir. I never thought I'd say that, but I am. I'm also a bit depressed since I read a bit of an interview with David Hewlett, where he mentioned that Rodney is going to be making a lot of mistakes this season. As much as I love Rodney whump in fics, I don't really want to see the emotional whump on screen like this. :S
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