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Hmm... I have to say, I'm not sure if I'm happy I watch that promo I posted a few weeks ago. it was basically the entire episode in one minute.

Shallow Stuff
-How *hot* was Colby this *entire* episode. He always looks so much like a line backer (or whichever position requires big muscley people) in a suit. Getting down to skin like that just made him look *nice*.
-OMG I *love* Megan's hair! It's so hot!. Looks great.
-What was with Charlie? I mean, what was he *wearing* and the scruff. You couldn't see him through all the hair.
-I really want Charlie and Amita to break up. I *like* Amita, just not dating Charlie, actually, I find she has better story lines when she's not dating Charlie.
-I don't think I liked Larry's beard. I hope he doesn't stay in that monistary for very long.
-What the hell was up with the slow motion scenes? Normally those are done faster, not slower. The kept making me think of those commercials, the "You know you're having a stroke when" ones. I kept thinking someone was going to pass out from the stress.

Serious Thoughts
After seeing a lot of the main points of the episode, I couldn't help but feel that everything went a little too fast. Like, within an hour of Colby escaping, he called Don?

Oh, and when Colby said "It doesn't matter if you trust me, I trust you" Was anyone else thinking of One Hour, when Don was in with the psychiatrist and said basically just that.

You know, earlier I was talking with the_muppet and I said that it took season 3 to make me fall in love with Colby, before he was just another guy on the team. It took Megan flirting with Larry to make me love her, but David has just never done anything that really made him pop with me. I think, if they continue with this story line, I might just fall for David too. David has always been the calm, kind of by the books guy, Don even called him "laid back" in 201. Seeing him seem to lose his shit over all of this? I really hope they keep this up as an ongoing story line.

Actually, I hope they don't just end this storyline here and consider it over. There was so much left unresolved! Since this *isn't* Stargate, I'm pretty confident that they'll at least have emotional continuity, but I also hope that they have more to do with the actual events. Like, you'd think that his job would be effected. Even if Don forgives him, will the higher ups just *let* him back into the FBI? Are the Chinese going to be after him more? Are we going to get information on the guy that was killed? Find out what the hell was going on?

God, there's just so much going around in my head right now about the episode. Talk to me people. Please!
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