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As seen on equusentric's LJ:

For the first three people that reply to me and re-post this challenge - I will send you something groovy.
It might be something I've made, or something cool from my hidden stash off fun stuff, it might be a mix CD - or a rubber duck, a book I think you will enjoy, or something else that is awesome.
Whatever it is, I promise that I will get it to you in 365 days or less. (I will need your snail mail if you're not local).
The only thing you need to do in order to participate is to be one of the first three to reply to this, AND post this very same thing on YOUR journal - cause its fun to give people stuff.

I'd like to change some of the rules. I'd be willing to go beyond just three people. New or old friends, feel free to sign up (seriously, I just friended equusentric today, and I'm already asking for presents, I don't see why others should be shy).

If I don't already have your address, please fill out the poll below, I promise not to abuse it.
Poll #1061895 *presents*

Full name (I feel really dumb mailing things with LJ names on it, especially since I send all my mail from work)

Address line #1

Address Line #2

City/Town, Province/State/Other

Postal Code/Zip Code/Other


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