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So, I have another politics question for those on my flist, specifically from Ontario (or BC I suppose since they tried a similar thing).

What do you guys think about the Voting Referendum?
I have mixed feelings and I'm not sure how I want to vote.
-My riding is very conservative. I often feel that I don't have much of a choice in who I vote for, since it's *always* conservative, and the Liberals are the only ones with half a chance of beating them. To vote for any other part feels like I'm throwing my vote away, or like I'm voting for the Conservatives. With the new way of voting, I still may have a Conservative for my riding, but I could support someone from the NDP or the Green Party without feeling like I've thrown my vote away.-With the new way of voting, 39 out of 129 seats in the legislature would go to ridingless MPPs. That's a *lot* of seats. This could mean we stop getting majority governments, and if you don't have a majority, then nothing really gets done. The parties spend so much time yelling at each other, and forming alliances, that it turns into a big game of survivor instead of people running the province.
-Parties like the Green Party will finally get seats.-Parties like the Family Coalition Party, or the Marijuana Party might too.
-The MPPs that aren't from any riding don't really have anyone to answer to, since they aren't representing anyone in particular.
-The MPPs that aren't technically from any riding, will still be from a specific area, and since we're going by which candidates get the most votes, does that mean places like Toronto are going to have more representation? I mean places like Toronto already get so much of the money and attention from the provincial government, but now those places are more likely to get multiple MPPs? That could really screw other parts of Ontario up.
What do others think?
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