Paraka (paraka) wrote,

Things that Annoy Me

-I'm reading this fic right now, and the author keeps making things up that contradict canon. I'm perfectly able to go with that, but you have to tell me *before* I go in. The whole story is *based* on ideas that don't match canon *at all*. At first I tried to pass it off as different interpretations, then on the author not seeing the relevant SG-1 episodes, but... I don't think that's actually the case the more I read.

-I'm on this yahoo group, and it often annoys me (I'm thinking of leaving actually because I haven't really been getting much out of it lately) but it also has good discussions, so I stay. Today some of us were having some good conversations, and one of the mods just came in and said to stop. Now that? Is annoying. People kind of seem to be ignoring that, but still, annoying. I get that sometimes mods have to enforce rules that seem stupid from the outside (been there, done that) but honestly? I've found that the less rules there are the better groups flow. You can be organized and in control without policing your members. God.

Now for some random thoughts on Stargate.

So, I don't actually remember much of season 9 and 10 of SG-1 (I tried to block season 9 out because it was bad, and ended up watching season 10 all in one night), so please correct me if I'm wrong.

The reason why the Ori are trying to enslave everyone and make them pray to them is because they get power and warm fuzzies from it right?

What about the Pegasus galaxy? The Athosians at least seem to worship the Ancients like gods. Cheya had everyone on her planet praying to her like a god, and I think a lot of other planets consider the Ancients godly. Does this mean that the Ancients are getting power from them?
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