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So, I was just randomly checking out Sweet Charity (I've been having to ration myself, since I've already bid way more than I should have, but I'm pretty happy with who/what I've bid on, and it's all for charity, so meh.

What I'm really posting about is that when I went to the homepage, I saw that the FAQs had been updated and saw one titled :I have a problem with some of the goodies being offered The answer was:
Sweet Charity doesn't take responsibility for what people choose to offer, and I'll only remove things that are clear-cut illegal (Soviet tanks, WMD or kidneys? No).

But I do very much understand that it's a matter of taste (or perceived lack of taste) or .. yes, okay, I'm talking about the Wincesters with the RAINN auction.

Enough beating around the bush - the irony is not lost nor is the controversy of it. ...

I've got to admit, my first reaction was to laugh. Hard. And I'm at work right now.
When I first saw that question, I first thought it was going to be about making money off of fan art/other people's copyrighted work. I sooo didn't see that one coming, although I suppose I should have.

I'm not really in the SPN fandom, so I can't actually speak for the incest fic that's written over there, but I am in the Numb3rs fandom, and read mostly Don/Charlie fics. Based on my expirenece... While I can appreciate the irony when it's pointed out to me such as it was in the FAQs there, I don't actually have a problem with incest in fics.

About a year ago, I tried to start up a Numb3rs fic archive, because as far as I can see there isn't a complete one (CalSci Library doesn't accept slash), and I wanted one. The person that was going to help me though, I don't know why I tried to work with her, wasn't all that hot about having slash on the site, and didn't want to allow Don/Charlie fics. We ended up sending hugely long e-mails back and forth (anyone who's talked with me know's what I'm like :P) debating the morals behind incest.

Places like RAINN? They're there to help people with incest *Abuse*. I can't really consider a relationship between two consenting adults abuse. I was planning on getting into this a lot more. But now I don't feel like it. Probably if people ask me I'll get back into it, but I don't even know if anyone cares. So meh.
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