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My First Vidding Attempt

Ok, after all the mass confusion, I'm finally able to say, that I'm finished my vid, and it's now on the internet. If anyone would like to download it they can go to my website or bypass the ugliness of the website and try downloading it by right clicking and Save Target as...  here.

Just a few notes on my vid, it's about Brian, a bit about Justin, and pretty much about goes on about his avoidance of relationships (original theme, I know). The song is "I Just Want" by Group X.

Seeing as how this in my first vid, I'd really apreciateany and all feedback. Thanks :P

Also on enote about my websight, the picture has absolutly nothing to do with the vid. it's just something my friend trieth  made for me a while back.

EDIT: My new webpage is Paraka Productions
Tags: fandom: queer as folk, my vids
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