Paraka (paraka) wrote,

You know, whenever I try to think of subject lines, I always want to say "random"

-So, paradise_city posted a meta question/meme that I'm really interested in hearing people's answers to. She wants to know "What cultural issues do you wish people were less ignorant about? If you could explain one issue once so that you never had to explain it again, what it would be? What do you really wish people understood about your gender/identity/culture, etc.?" People should go to her LJ and let her know.

-There's a concert coming to Ottawa, and I really want to go (actually there are several). But I don't really have anyone to go with. I've never gone to a concert alone before, would I be a big loser if I did so now?

-This morning on my way into work, the radio was playing Christmas music. I wanted to kill someone. To be fair, it was because they were announcing that the Trans Siberian Orchestra was coming to Ottawa, but still. Also, apparently a lot of that radio stations listeners mistake the TSO for Metallica. Weird.

-So, yesterday I saw my first election poster. I'm really not looking forward to the upcoming election. I mean, who's there to vote for? I'm not going to vote Conservative, and could Dalton McGinty have let us down more? I mean he was so good as leader of the opposition, but he's just sort of failed at being Premier. Also, I don't really want the NDP to win (see Bob Rae). I think I'm going to vote for the Green Party, but I'll wait to see what kind of promises people will make.

-I've been wanting to talk to people lately. Or rather, just talk about fandom. I had a lot of fun this weekend talking with paradise_city, and I've come to realize, I miss talking fandom with people. I never really thought of myself as one to discuss meta, or analyze the shows I watch, but I realize now I just never really did it on my journal. I'd do it through IMs.
So, does anyone on my flist feel like talking? Either in comment, or through an IM (what IMs do people prefer? I used to use MSN a whole lot, but I kind of avoid it now, since there are a lot of people there I don't want to talk to.), or other means. Come on, anyone? :)
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