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Questions about Fandom in RL

So, my sister had a friend over for a sleepover this weekend, and I think her friend was a little amazed that we'd talk about fandom with each other. Andrea and I don't really move in the same circles of fandom, even in the fandoms we share, but we'll sometimes talk about the stupid things that happens or good fics we're reading.

I in turn found it really funny listening to my sister talk with her friend, because they'd *say* internet things. You know there are those things that you write, but it sounds really stupid to say out loud? My sister would say them out loud. Like saying OMG or WTF out loud just seems like more work than actually saying "Oh my God" or "What the Fuck". Or there was this one commercial on the radio last year that drove me batty because they said "LOL".

But when I think back on it, there are some internet terms that I say the short form of too. Like OTP. To me OTP sounds a lot less dorky than "One True Pair" so if for whatever reason I have to say it out loud, I say OTP.

So in the interest of being a dork scientific curiosity, a poll.

Poll #1052590 Internet Terms in RL

Have you ever said an internet acronym out loud?


How often do you do it?

All the time.
Whenever I talk about fandom.

Do you feel that some terms are ok?

Yeah, sure.
No, never.
All terms are fine.

Which terms are ok to say out loud?

Which terms do you think should never be said out loud.


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