Paraka (paraka) wrote,

SGA Season 4

Can I just say, it's really weird watching the episode without the sound being finished. I mean in the little "Last time on Stargate Atlantis" bit in the intro the would show the explosion of the beam hitting the city, and you'd *see* everything blow up, but there isn't any sound. :P

Also, for later sound effects you could hear one of the crew offstage yelling "Bam" or "do do do" or "Ahhh" as the case required. Very amusing.

Can I just say, that without background noise and dramatic music to back him John sounds like a *complete* dork. So, so, dorky.

Also, have to wonder if TPTB were around last April for all the race discussions that went on, because I have never seen the Atlantis personal looking so multicultural. There were flags from all over on shoulders in the first ep.

There are a lot of people who are indifferent to Weir, and a lot of people really upset that she's leaving the show, but to be honest? Her storyline is pretty damn kick ass. I don't think I could have been nearly as upset about Carson dying if he had gotten a story line like that. d

Also, brings about the chance for Evil!Replicator!Weir. I think that this is maybe the best storyline the Weir character has gotten.

The shipper in me though, was suddenly seeing Weir/pretty much everyone. For a second there, I though Ronon was going to *kiss* her. And John was *crying*. Rodney was breaking all these rules to save her, and Teyla was *there* for her; saying the risks were worth it.

It really kind of annoyed me how Sheppard was acting. Throwing his weight around, saying he was in charge now that Weir isn't. I mean, all he was doing was getting in the way of Rodney, and it wasn't really a military situation, it was a scientist situation. Rodney so should have been the one in charge.

It was awesome to see so much Zelenka. Although the background tech yelling "Bam Bam" as he got shot detracted a little for the situation.

Overall, great episode.

paradise_city what was that moment you were talking about?
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