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Work Post

So this actually happened a while ago, but I never posted it, so lets pretend it happened today.

I was at work looking through some backorders and expediting some of the ones that had been there for longer than normal. I wasn't really looking at what I was expediting, just submitting the forms. Anyways, I get a couple e-mails with regards to this one order, and then finally get one from our warehouse saying something along the lines of "Yeah we did get these 33 packages of worms, but they're too small, so we want to return them to the vendor and get the correct size".

My first thought was "Eww, we've been storing 33 packages of *worms* at the warehouse for over a *month*!?" This bothered me so much that I finally looked the item up in our catalogue. Sure enough, it was worms, but luckily they were preserved (to be used for dissection, as opposed to live to be used for fishing or something). A few e-mails later and the buyer said "We're not returning these, call the customer and see if they'll take the smaller ones"

The first customer I call I got their voice mail (it was a school, and summer vacation was still going on), so started leaving a message "Hello, on your purchase order XXX you had ordered catalogue number YYY. Now these were supposed to be 9-12" but we actually received 8-10" instead. Is that going to be big enough for you?..." At which point I would normally leave my contact information, but instead I choked, because as I look up, all I see is Phil's shit eating grin over the side of my cubicle. And realized what it was I was saying :P

It kind of reminds me of the time last year, when we all received an e-mail saying we had a new vendor for some medical equipment or something, and they provided a link to the new companies webpage for the products we'd be selling. But when I checked out their homepage, it seemed that their most popular product was some penis enhancement thing-y.

We sell lots of fun things like that at my work. Apparently you can get artificial sperm. They told us a story about it during my training, about how some customer called up asking for pricing on a bunch of different kinds and the person helping him out accidentally called him "Mr. Spermadine" mistaking his name for one of the products.

God, who knew science was so dirty minded :P
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