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You know, I think it's a sign that you're spending too much time online, when you start dreaming about fandom.

Last night I had a dream, that someone on my flist asked for a volunteer to give Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki a drive to bzzinglikeneon's house in Connecticut.
There are so many things wrong with that statement. First of all, I'm hardly in the SPN fandom, two, I can't ever remember bzzinglikeneon ever mentioning SPN on her journal, although she might have, and three she doesn't even *live* in Connecticut! Also why would Jared and Jensen need rides from random strangers. My dream was long and complicated, and I spent most of it lost in Connecticut, but running across places in Ottawa, and never once did Jared or Jensen actually make an aperance. My mind is a weird and scary place sometimes.

No for some thoughts on HP fanfic.
So, I've gone into a bit of a Snarry reading kick. I'm not really into the HP fandom for quite a few reasons, but I often find myself drawn back to read the occasional Snarry fic. As I've been reading them this time around, it got me thinking about the reasons why I don't obsess about this fandom as I do others.

I don't know why I chose and stuck with Snape/Harry when there are so many different pairings possible in the fandom, but I did choose it, and I honestly don't want to read any other pairing, but I don't think I've been completely sold on the pairing either. I often read fics and feel that there isn't enough of a build up as to why they end up together. And Snape is so often emotionally distant. I'll often read him as being with Harry because he's surprised that *anyone* would want him and isn't about to turn down sex. Or other times Snape is with Harry because he's after power, or he takes pleasure over the fact that he knows Harry's father/Godfather wouldn't approve.

Another thing that really gets me, about Snarry fics is that, especially if Harry is still in school, Harry separates from his friends. Like, it all becomes about Snape and Harry, and Harry spends all of his time in the dungeons. Hell, half the time he seems to become best friends with Draco. It kind of gets me that people change canon way more than necessary.

I don't know, I know there are stories out there that don't do that, but I think I managed to read most of them in the few months I was immersed in the fandom. Now I just wander in, read enough to remember why I'm not really in the fandom, and then go back to SGA.
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