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I am getting *so* angry with LiveJournal. To be honest, I kind of want to abandon it all together, I just don't want to lose my flist :(

Have people heard the latest news?
LJ wants to hold us responsible for *all* of the links we have posted to our journals, because if there's something inappropriate on the site we link to, then we're in violation of the TOS.

This is especially dangerous in fandom, because we're notoriously sensuous people. I mean, just look at all our porn. But just think, one day I'm on a kick and decide to rec some great SGA fic. I post a link to some different author's webpages, and everything's great. But then, a month later, one of those authors decides that SPN is their new favourite show and starts posting Wincest fic. LJ has *already* deleted journals for incest. Even though I wasn't even posting to the Wincest, that site is no longer safe and I could potentially lose my journal. And seriously how big is the SPN fandom? All it's going to take is some righteous fuckwit to decided that Wincest is bad, and man, there goes a *ton* of journals. Because unlike in HP, most people don't try to work around the legalities of incest like they will with age.

God, I just want to scream. And cry.

Instead, I'm trying to set up my insanejournal. I've even started a few communities in the hope of building up fandom over there (although god knows I'm a horrible mod :S) Really, people should look into switching too. I know these links have been passed around a lot already, but in the hopes of helping lazy people join, here are some really useful migration tools.

Migration tool
This little program allows you to copy all of your old entries (and will save them to your computer, so back up too) to another journal. That way all of your old entries will be *transferred*. You don't need to leave your history behind.

This program allows you to post to more than one journal at a time. I've been using it for the past week or so, and it's been going really well.

bzzinglikeneon linked to a few other helpful tricks here

Another plus for IJ, is that it's only $40 for a *permanent* account. I went ahead and bought one. Way more reasonable than the $150 LJ was asking for.

I really hope to see more people over on IJ soon. *looks hopeful*
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