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Posting while I can

OMG, the weather here is *crazy*. It was raining so hard we couldn't see, and there was hail, and the front *door* was leaking.

It seems to be calming down now, but I'm not holding my breath. We've already lost power a few times. We seem to be losing our power quite a lot lately actually. A few weeks ago it was out for more than 10 hours.

We used to lose our power all the time, and then there was the Ice Storm of '98 where we lost power for *weeks* . But because it completely destroyed the grid, they basically rebuilt everything from scratch, and it's been good for the last 9 years. It seems though, that all those shiny new parts, aren't so shiny and new any more, and need to be replaced again. :-/

In other news, I almost decided to sue Gateway again today. My computer is broken again, it's been broken for like a month, but I've been getting by by stealing my mom's computer battery. Anyways, I called Gateway because I'm still supposed to be under warranty, to get this fixed. And they tried to tell my that my warranty was almost up. When I took this fucking "refurbished" computer, it was only because they said they would extend my warranty for another 6 months. The stupid tech that I was speaking to told me that refurbished computers only come with a 90 day warranty, and that the extra 6 months were added to *that* warranty, regardless of the fact that I had more than 6 months worth of warranty on the original computer.

I called the head office which was who promised me the extra time, and while I didn't speak to the person who promised me it, I did speak to someone else. She was going to "look into it" and get back to me. We were already looking up lawyers so we could take this to the small claims court when she called back to say she's extended the warranty to when they promised.

I should be happy. But I really can't be, because none of this should have happened in the first place. Also, last time I sent my computer in for the very same problem that I'm going to be sending it in for this time, it took them 2 months to get a computer back to me, and it wasn't even my own!

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